Lf kybs worth of any kind

I need a kybs worth preferably shock and cryo. Or radiation and corrosive. Got plenty to trade my gamertag is smashdaddy0311. Just message if interested and tell me what you need

Fire n shock kyb with dmg increase on consecutive hits for trade. Have any annointed maggies with cryo annoints?

I have a Maggie with on action skill end bonus shock. Sadly no cryo. And thing else I have lots of new weapons like the juju. Got a few nice Rowan’s and lucians calls as well

Any annointed? Anything good for xane/amara

I’m not looking at the game right now but I have some really nice terror anointed Rowan’s one is shock one is fire. Then I have a cryo lucians call on action skill end deal 100% weapon damage. I have a double penetrating roisens thorns while terrified chance to fire bonus projectile. Have a trans former shield that on action skill end apply terror and another transformer on action skill end 13% damage reduction

I have a lot more than those as well I’ve got 2 good juju’s a Juliet’s dazzle a few redistributors. I have a really nice shock dictator it’s annointed just can’t remember exactly what that I use on amara

Sure man. When u have a chance to look lemme know. But yeah an good maliwan takedown weapons with good annoints, or amara items id look at. Post up some pics or rolls when ur home, and we can try an work something out

Ok I’ll be home shortly and will post them asap