LF Kybs Worth SMG

Please help me out as I don’t have a squad to run the raid with. I am looking for a Kyb’s Worth SMG.

Please message me on Xbox at gamertag R0nald Weasl3y

The O is a zero.

Thank you!

Have fire and shock with consect dmg annoint. What u got for trade

What are you looking for?

Good amara/zane mods and weapons. Extra projectile terror weapons. Other new maliwan weapons with annointments. Good relics depending on rolls. Etc. or lmk what ur offering so we can try and work something out.

I have another post called Legendaries for trade with some things listed. I have some more stuff not on the list but you can look and see if there is anything you are interested in

Are u able to link it?

I didn’t break down all the stats on everything but I can always tell you the stats on any items you are interested in

Nvm i found it

I would love that kybsworth too, I got all characters lv 50

Got any good zane amara mods? Some decent relics, or a shock protuberance? Annointed maggie’s with cryo? Lucians with extra projectiles. If not make some offers and ill see what i can do. I

have more than 1 op. So i still gotchu.

I have a corrosive lucians w extra projectiles, I’d have to look at my Zane and Amara at the moment I’m on moze. I do have a spiritual driver class mod with 2 mindfulness, 2 helping hands, 1 clarity, buffs aren’t good though.

Got any other new items? Antifreeze mod?

No antifreeze mod, I do have tanan shield sniper with phasecast status chance 50% and Juliet dazzle on ase 125 dmg to badass


Also got redundant savvy phebert shock shotgun with ase 2 mags, 50% shock bonus dmg