LF Kybs worth x3 annointed

LF x3 Kybs worth preferably (shock and corrosive) annointed 100% damage on ase, 125% damage to badasses, or rakk attack take 100% damage. Have plenty of stuff to trade/ Maggie’s, bekah, level 1 stop gap, bloodletters with health regen, loaded dice with health regen, cutpurse deathless, transformers with elemental on ase. Redundant facepuncher with apply terror.

What about a consecutive hit kybs (x2 sadly) rad and shock, for ase transformer?

Have Kybs worth 450x3 shock/corrosive 100% Rakk Dmg.
I would like Transformer with Extra 50% Damage after ASE radiation

Sorry man all I got is fire, shock and corrosive, anything else your looking for?

That is exactly what I’m looking for too😔

I have the radiation damage one. Gt ShadedxDreamz
I’ll trade for that kybs rakk anointment

I’ll trade you a radiation transformer. What Maggie’s or Bekah anointments do you have?

I’ll trade you the transformer with 50% rad dmg for the Kybs worth 450x3 shock/corrosive 100% Rakk Dmg. if you need anything else let me know.

GT: EU Edgey

I have Maggie’s with cryo for 2 mags, 100% on ase. And 125% to boss and badass on ase. Bekah is 125% to badass on ase

Is there anything else I could trade for that kybs worth?

I’ll do it for the 125 damage to bosses maggie. If you need anything else i can offer for that bekah as well let me know. I’ll send it tonight

Sounds good my gt is Ye olde wolf

I’ll send you the shield first chance I get. I added you already

Sent the shield

Hey dude I have the exact kybs worth that you’re after, 100% ASE corrosive and shock. You got a 100% ASE Bekah or Maggie?

Thanks buddy, just sent the Maggie

I have 100% Maggie. Gt is Ye olde wolf

Nice one dude I’ll send that over today. My GT is: AxP ii Insanity

Sent that kybs over

Awesome buddy thank ya. I’m at work right now but I will send that Maggie over to
You this evening if that’s cool.