LF Kybs worth x3 annointed

Do you happen to have an extra maggie 100ase? What can I entice you with if so?

If I don’t have a extra one I will dupe one and send it your way. At the moment I’m looking for some gamma burst annointed gear( Maggie, brainstormer, bekah come to mind) if you don’t have anything it’s cool I will send either way.

Well thank you but I’ll take a look. I’m at work until past 6 so I’ll follow up with you around then. Thanks again

Did you ever get a transformer with rad on ase? I’m still interested in the kybs worth.

Sent ya the Maggie

Sent That Maggie your way

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I have the transformer, it’s the kybs worth I want.

Did you ever get the transformer with rad on ase that you were looking for

Sorry my bad

Would you be willing to trade for the kybs worth?

Yeah man, what do you need