LF Kyb's worth x3 with 44+ mag and 160 splash annoit

PSN: Kamaru3064

Have these to trade

The higher the mag size the lower the damage.


What would u want for fire one?

I’d take the first one. Its better than what i’m currently using. What is the other element?


I’ll trade you for the Bloodletter.

I’ll be on in an half hour or so and I’ll add you.

I sent you a req. I have some stuff you may want.

Damn man would you trade anything for that fire kybs? I have full chain zane build etc I can trade for it

Got any Infinity pistols in SNTNL cryo, Gamma Burst, 250% Phasecast, or 300% Slam?

A Last Stand Loaded Dice with Mag Size and hp regen?

A power Syphon Transfusion Tracker with Grenade Thrown anointment?