LF L.57 Scoville

The title says it all. I’m not looking for any kind of annointment. I just want to get one at the max level. I’m willing to make trades, if there’s anything you are looking for in particular.

I have level57 M10 one with anointment. Do you have any cartel gear or any of the new weapons?

What damage is this M10 Scoville?
Curious if it is actually M10 or not. If so I have a character who will be doing those side quests soon in Jackpot. Don’t want to waste the time if it’s M0 locked like all other quest rewards.

I believe it is only M10 in the sense that I got it while playing on M10 and this ensured it would be anointed. Don’t remember what the pre M2.0 damage was but this one is 5554. Crazy splash dmg of 751.

Thanks. At least I have a number to base off of.
Stupid way they did the MH having no idea what level an item is outside of looking at it’s base damage.
Again, thanks for the info.

I suspect it is M0 locked, but who knows with this game, cheers.

I know I got a couple Grease Traps and Yellowcakes. I’ll need to look through my inventory to see what else I might have.

What do you have for yellowcakes and are they M10 I would take 200 ASA or 300/90. Any good artifacts for smg or assault rifles would be of interest as well. Always looking for M10 cutsman with stnl 100 as well… Let me know I’m sure we can work something out

The best Yellowcake in my possession has an item card number of 638 and damage of 26,390 with a “under 50% health, deal 150% bonus Rad damage” annointment. I don’t think it’s M10, though.

For artifacts, here’s what I got:

  • Cryo Stone Loaded Dice (one with +20% smg, one with +20% AR)
  • Ice Breaker Otto Idol (+20% AR)
  • Radiation Stone Safeguard (+20% AR)


  • Greasy Berzerker Rush (+20% smg)
  • Greasy Last Stand (+20% smg)
  • Hollowpoint Snowdrift (+20% AR)

Ice breaker otto idol 20 AR will be fine. Sent me a friend request PSN halinglis and we can do the trade.

Accepted your FR, mailed you the gun