LF LASER SPLODER & Elemental Flakker

Looking for every element except Cryo! Please let me know what you need in return.

I have 2x laser sploder both are Rad tho, if you have any Hex or Incuring hex grenades

I got a couple laser sploders, you got dp redline or a good splash damage deathless relic?

Vin, I have 3 different MIRV Hex grenades but they are not recurring or anything like that

Do you have Rad MIRV Hex that you would be willing to part with?

I got shock, cryo and rad but they are not recurring, if that’s fine by you?

Have cloning shock hex & Recurring shock hex.

I don’t have either of those sorry! Just rad aura deathless

Thats fine, but i dont have good splash damage Deathless x(

If you still want the Rad Sploder, i’d glady trade you for that Recurring Shock Hex

I also got a Fire and Corrosive Sploder, if you got any good/cool weapons

If you have the MOG head for FL4K, you can have them both immediately xD

Psn SupremeOGKush

I wish xD anything specific you’re looking for?

Main things I’m looking for (apart from the splash deathless and redline) is Lyudas barring fire and infinity barring cryo and a crit damage slide relic

Give me about 20 mins to get on, I’m cooking my daughter lunch.

Will farm lyuda. I have 3 shock :man_facepalming: Will find fire for you. Will ya hold them for a day or two?

I got the fire one, I need the others but I’ll give them to you, I just found duplicates, as we’ve been chatting. Lucky day xD

You need shock lyuda? Happy to send one to you! Psn SupremeOGkush
Haha lucky lucky xD

That would be grand :smile_cat:

I have a corrosive flakker I can part with