LF Lasersploders (NOT Double-Penetrating) *DONE*

Looking for Fire, Shock, Corrosive & Cryo, and I’ll throw in multiple items for Anointed ones…

This is what I can offer:
-Moze Bloodletters and Blastmasters
-Rowan’s Call (Fire, Shock, Radiation)
-Butcher (All elements)
-Lyuda (All elements)
-Kings and Queens call (All Elements except Corrosive)
-Fire, Radiated & Normal Flakker
-Hex: Shock (Recurring), Cryo(Recurring), Radiated(Mitosis)
-Rain Firestorm
-Lasersploders (all elements, all Double Penetrating) :smirk: (Figure that)
-Crossroads (all elements) & Nighthawkins
-Radiated Hive and Jericho
-Deathless (Elemental projector, Snowdrift & Ice Breaker)
-Too many other guns to list…just ask

I have a copy of all the laser sploders without DP, got any good bloodletters with charge speed?

Forgot I had this on my wall, lol. Any interest?

any chance you got a double penetrating roisen’s thorns?

I don’t…jus threw my DP out…but i do have an anointed Roisen’s Thorns

Oh i got one the other day…i appreciate it tho

cries if the dp was anointed


why not the double penetrating ? it’s more dps no ?