LF last stand deathless artifact

Looking to trade for this artifact. I have three toons full of anointed gear, let me know what you are looking for and maybe we can trade.

If you don’t have this, deathless artifact will work as well, just specific prefixes tho. lmk!

I can trade it for binary stark cutsman fire version with anoitment for siren

I have an anointed fire cutsman with shock 50% upon SKILL EFFECT END

WHat are the stat rolls in the artifact?

It has:
+17% assault rifle damage
+16% incendiary damage
+16% radiation damage

Sorry i’m looking for specific version of thin gun but i also looking for:

  • enhanced Front Loader
  • snowdrift loaded dice with 12% luck roll

I got front loader. It’s flak anointed for movement speed.

I’d love to get that artifact from you. It’s the perfect roll for me.

Is it enhanced version? oh and I almost forgot i’m also looking for anointed fire lyudia with 125% damage to bosses.
Sorry I only want a specific items but if you don’t have them I can exchange 1 for 2. Are you ok with this?

I’m sure we can make a deal. I’m pretty sure it is enhanced. I’ll be on in an hour. Want to link up then and strike up a deal?

I have a shock Lyuda that meets those requirements

I can take lyudia and front loader. Can we do it tomorrow? It’s getting late and I need to wake up early for work :frowning:

I’ll do front loader for artifact. Not gonna include Lyuda. That’s a bad deal for me, hahah.

Add me: thecasillas on epic

no problem

i’m like 99% sure last stand does not work with deathless…
once the sheild breaks a portion of damage goes through, and that portion will take the 1 hp before you can “hit half” and trigger last stand.

It does. Confirmed. Once every 40 seconds it procs.