LF Last Stand Otto Idle or Victory Rush w/ good secondary stats

LF Last Stand Otto Idle or Victory Rush w/ Mag size and Pistol damage.

Have 100% Rakk nighthawkin, Maggie, lyuda, Gatling gun, corrosive cutsman and fire rowans call.

100% ase(redundant) brainstormer

65% gamma burst(non redundant) brainstormer, and, fire and shock cutsman.

50% shock, cryo, and rad transformer.

50% cryo and corrosive storm front.

Rakk Pakk com with 25% weapon damage - 45% Jakobs critical - 10% Jakobs weapon damage.

Also, mirv/homing Fire, shock, and corrosive everblasts.

50% while sntnl is out Maggie

I have a last stand Otto idol with rad and corrosive damage if you’re interested.

The other is shock corrosive and reload speed.

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100% ase layudas(all flavors) or skeksils(fire and corrosive) or projectile recursion (fire and shock) or night hawkin(full auto/burst with decent sight).

I have the night hawkin with ASE 50% incendiary dmg (no zoom, full auto/burst).

I have other hawkins for 250% phasecast, iron bear, and with terror anointments but not full auto. Only have the projectile recursion in other elemental combos.

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We should already be friends. I’ll msg you on PSN later.

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