LF Last Stand Otto Idol and anointed Butchers

Hi all, as per topic, looking for;

Last Stand Otto Idol with good stats preferably mag size, cool down, AOE, pistol, shotgun damage of some kind etc.

And some anointed Butchers appropriate for Moze e.g. next 2 mags bonus damage (don’t need the no ammo for 5 secs one).

Have loads of stuff to trade including lots of SNTNL anointed gear for Zane, Maggies, Bekahs, transformers and stopgaps with ASE.


Lovely! What are you after?

I’m FL4K main so if you have anything good for him, m4 weapons, or good crit build. After that idk I have a bunch of stuff to sort though already.

Got quite a bit of stuff for flak - godroll rak pak class mod for Jakobs, 100% ASE damage Maggie, Bekah and hellwalker - mine is a Jakobs build. Happy to drop a bunch of stuff for the butcher

I prob have the same rakk pak mid I think and the Maggie. The other 2 I don’t think I have yet

I’m Kitty_Hellfire on PSN, add me and I’ll mail over?

I have a last stand otto idol on my moze I don’t use anymore if your interested

Thank you, do you know what the extras on it are? I have one with;

Shotgun damage
Melt chance
Max health

Looking for an upgrade

I think mine is action cooldown shield cappitcy and something else. I havent used her in a bit. But I know I was running one for a bit on moze but I can check after work for you if youd like

Sure thank you :slight_smile:

No problem

I’ve got the Butcher with +40% incendiary damage and +30% Iron Bear cooldown rate with kills both after exiting Iron Bear. Have these last stand otto idols:

  • max health +1487, regenerates +149 Health/sec, max shield +1666
  • shotgun damage +17%, area-of-effect damage +33%, magazine size +40%
  • magazine size +40%, action skill cooldown rate +21%, area-of-effect damage +33%
  • assault rifle damage +17%, cryo efficiency +27%, shock damage +16%

What do you want for that magazine size last stand otto idol?

Mainly looking for good anointed Zane and FL4K gear, but open to other interesting items from new dlc.

Hi, the third last stand you listed with mag, aoe and Cooldown tickles my fancy, as does the butcher with fire damage after AS.

Add me as Kitty_Hellfire - got plenty of Zane gear

Bumpity bump - any anointed butchers going?

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I have one with ase 100 rakk damage