Lf last stand otto idol artifact

As the title says, preferably with mag size and smg/weapon/aoe damage. Tell me what you want and ill check.

I have one with action skill cd, AOE damage and mag size. Do you have anything from here?

• Ice Breaker Deathless - Mag Size and Cryo Damage
• Dictator x6 (Fire, Shock and Corrosive) - Bonus Damage and Reload Speed on Kill
• Lyuda (Fire, Corrosive and Cryo) - Bonus Crit or Bonus Cryo while Terrified
• Storm Front or It’s Piss - Bonus Fire Rate and Damage while Terrified

I have one with shotgun dmg, melt chance and max health

bangstick (purple)
FL4K legendaries (fade away or rakk)
ANything else good

I do not have those

I’ve got an autoaime with 100% rakk. Autoaime with 100% ase, transformers with 50% ase, its piss shock 50% ase, various ion cannons, autoaime with 250 phasecast/300 slam. 100% recursion/redistributors

i could do the transformer

Alright pan DoodleMyPoodle

i guess i have another one too

fire dmg
mov spd
electrocute chance

Still looking!