LF last stand Otto idol desperately

Wanting it to have magazine size increase and weapon or smg damage.

Kyb’s worth em-p5 tediore shotguns tanksmans shield grenades all anointed to trade with

I have one with mag size, but not damage. Other rolls are move speed and health regen.

I’m looking for a Last Stand Otto Idol as well. I have a nice pool of items I can contribute as well. Someone can get double trades if they help us out!

I’d like that one with move speed mag size and health regen. What would you like for it?

Whoa I thought this was my thread looking for this artifact???

I don’t have those rolls but I can get you one. Add me on psn.

I kinda meant I would like the one bluebear was offering…

I see lol no worries

No interest in this one?

Ha! I only have one… happy to rade for a Kyb’s Worth if you have!

Ah no it doesn’t have a y of the rolls I need

Add my PSN - BluebearXIV - and I’ll send across.

Ok mine’s bizkit8369

i’m interested in that one, what are you looking for?

100% ase fire and corrosive skeksil 250% cast shock skeksil 100% ase fire shock or corrosive layudas, and I really like interesting relics with good rolls. Add me on psn. Same name.