LF Last stand Otto Idol. Highly interested

Hey guys I am looking for the Last stand Otto idol.
Prefer: Action skill reduction, smg pistol or generall dmg, heal shield capacity. I have a lot of items for any class. Write it below the thread what u r looking for. Ty!

Servus suche eine Last stand Otto Idol mit Action skill reduction, Pistol dmg oder allgemein dmg % und heal/Shield.

Habe viele items fuer jedermanns klasse.

Vielen Dank!

I have one, it has health regen, but no added damage. I don’t remember what the other perks are.

Ty what do u need for trade?

Do you have any god roll class mods? Mind Sweeper? Or any shields with apply terror or healing?

I got plenty of mind sweeper class mods

I have a couple as weel, I will have to check on the rolls though. You don’t bu chance have a shick/corrosive recursion x2 with 250 after phase cast anointment do you? Lmao! I know that’s a very specific want.

I have a recursion shock/corrosive but non anointed. Sadly.