LF Last stand Otto Idol relic


Let me know what you need for this relic.

Thanks a lot guys!

I have a Last stand Otto Idol With +16% shock dmg, +16% Corrosive dmg and +40% ffyl duration

If you are Interrested im looking for:

Lucians Call - Cryo - +50% Cryo while SNTNL
The Lump - Cryo - +50% Cryo while SNTNL

Big Boom Blaster - +15% Movement Speed while SNTNL
Any low capacity, low recharge delay shild - +10% Movement Speed while shild is full AND +15% Movement Speed while SNTNL

Class Mods:
Seein Dead - +Weapon Dmg AND (+Pistol dmg OR +Jacob Crit dmg)

Ice breaker victory rush - +weapon dmg