LF Last stand Otto idol with assault rifle or smg damage and magazine size (PS4) list of trade below

I have one, but Pistol DMG/Mag size/radiation dmg so it’s pretty pistol oriented. Dunno if you’d like it.

Any chance you’re looking for something else ? Cause I’m really Interested in your friendbot and in your Bounty Hunter with Weapon DMG/Pistol DMG/And Jakobs’s Crit DMG

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Hi I’m also looking for a cryo redistributor with ASE gamma , a good flesh melter Otto idol , Victory rush , kybs worth ASE 100 weapon damage and any god roll class mods

Got a Kyb’s but 125% splash damage on ASE.

As to god roll class mods, here’s what I got:

  • Cosmik Stalker Weapon DMG/SMG DMG/Shotgun DMG
  • St4ckbot Weapon DMG/Pistol DMG/Jakobs weapon damage
  • R4KK P4k Weapon DMG/Jakobs’ Crit DMG/Jakobs Weapon dmg
  • Seein’ Dead Weapon DMG/SMG DMG/Hyperion critical weapon damage. Other one Weapon Damage/Maliwan wpn dmg/Vladof wpn damage but with 5 points in Donnybrook.
  • Blast Master Aoe Damage/Weapon Damage/SMG Damage
  • Bloodletter Weapon Damage/Shotgun Damage/Grenade damage
  • 2 Spiritual Drivers Weapon DMG/SMG DMG/Health Regen and the other Weapon DMG/Shotgun DMG/Tediore wpn damage, 3 points in Mindfulness in both

PSN: EzioILMentore if you’re Interested in those.

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Will check for those things as you have a couple things Id trade for

Ok buddy no problem

My last stand ottos idols are more rolled for moze sorry
Mag size, as cd, AOE
Shotgun dam, AOE, mag size
Do have a flesh melter vic rush with smg dam, more max shield and xp gain if interested

Hi I’m definitely interested in your class mods im MrMan4Twenty

No worries , I like the last stand with mag size, as cd , AOE and the victory rush

No worries. Can I grab that multi vitamin shield and the electric banjo

Of course you can no problem if you drop me your psn I’ll send them in mail now

XSESSIVE13 :slight_smile:

Good Evening, There are two items you have for trade that I am interested in.

I have quite a nice selection of good items including some very nice Last Stand Otto Idols/Victory Rush artifacts. Thank you for you time. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1qAKyVBwRhiG1EwdZzskOQAinIU3kcVlY0VHNoFF2yco/edit?usp=sharing

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Hi I like these 2

You have some incredible stuff lol

thank you i mailed out the mods you wanted

if you come across anything from my wants/lf tab in my spreadsheet lmk i got plenty of goodies to trade thank you

Yes I definitely will do and it was a pleasure trading with you

you 2 have a good one

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Do you need this one ?