LF Last Stand Otto Idol with Shotgun Damage

Hi, I’m looking for a last stand otto idol artefact.

The rolls should be:

5 sec. Immunity when hp is lower than 50%
18% health regen when killing a enemy
17% shotgun damage.

Hit me up for trade.

Psn: snake85plissken

Hey, I have the Otto you’re looking for.

Do you have a Maggie with base damage 526x6 and 100%
damage on ASE?

I have that Maggie if you have a corrosive redistributior or something better

Cool, with the 526x6 damage?

I have a corrosive Redistributor with 100% ASE and a 1 for Zane with
50% cryo on SNTNL

I’m pretty sure what’s your psn

PSN is dogstar13

Well, think I can writhe off the otto idol since you found someone to trade for the item you want.


Looks like my post helped other people.

Happy looting.

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Actually I didn’t get anything from @tjthehero as their Maggie was not what I
wanted but I did still give them several Redistributors.

I still have the Otto to trade if you want?

It also has AOE damage and 40% mag size.