LF Last stand Otto idol x2 and stop gap shield with 50% elemental anointment

My wife and I have been farming Tyreen for days and we’ve come up empty handed. Any help would be appreciated. May be able to trade if there’s anything we can help with.

Would a fresh battery stop gap w/50 corrosive damage on ase for 10 seconds work

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Add me, same name. I also have a level 1 stop gap bonus fire on ase.

I’m still kind of new to using the forum so forgive me. I need them to be level 50. I think I’d like something other than corrosive but thanks for the offer. As soon as I get back to my PlayStation I’ll try to add more details.

I have a level 50 stop gap bonus corrosive and last stand Otto idols. The level one stop gap is a rare item that Moze players look for.

my psn is Ice-T411, send me a fr and put stop gap in the request and you can have it if you want it