LF Last Stand Victory Rush W/

Specifically with health Regen, damage reduction. I have plenty to trade, just let me know what you’re looking for.

I have a few of these, i will look at the stats tonight, typically i throw them out unless they ahve great stats, so you may be in luck.

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I would greatly appreciate that!

@Vomitus124 I will also have a look for ya. I’ve picked up a few over the last week so I might have something for ya

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@anon88523395 are you still in need of the infinity pistols with sntl anoint

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Yes sir, i have only found a fire one

Thank you kindly sir!

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I have a shock and a kinetic with sntl. I will try to get them to you today or tomorrow

You doing a moze build?

Yes! I have all the pieces except for that last stand victory rush. Hoping for those rolls on it also

I was gonna see if you needed a lvl 1 rerouter. I will check on the artifact for you and hopefully I can help you out

I just picked one up yesterday. Does yours have an anoint on it? Mine has kills increase iron Bear cool down rate.

I have corrosive on ase and a dmg reduction on ase versions.

Oh that damage reduction one sounds nice.

I will get one to you hopefully tonight

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Sweet! That sounds fantastic.

Skavenger is one of the many great guys here. We trade all the time and sometimes like many here i have traded or gifted gear to he will just send me stuff knowing i am trying to collect all the SNTL Cryo gear. A lot of people here still in this game really “Pay it Forward”, don’t think there is a better gaming community anywhere.


I have a Last Stand Victory Rush, but not with the stats you’re looking for (it’s got 26% Weapon Accuracy, -30% Shield Recharge Delay, +1666 Max Shield). If the perks aren’t a dealbreaker I can send it your way, otherwise I’ll probably vendor it lol.