LF Leg De4deye... please lock or delete post. Thnx

Hey all,as said lf this dead eye with bonus shotgun and crit damage, also header bonus must be +35 % damage to enemies above 75% health,will trade my pistol dead eye for it,or any of my unclaimed 35 legs in safe .

Cryo lucians call

rak crit annointed hawt rapchuury sawbar

rak crit annointed radiation abundant projectile recursion

caustic handsome jackhammer

Fire hostile bitch

fire double pen occultist

caustic laser sploder

extra rak charge annointed radiation Rowan’s call

Caustic venomous deft kaos

post attack command life steal annointed dauntless sleeping giant

venomous hornet

mind killer

fire burning gross bearcat

shock engulfing shredifier

resolute lyuda

Vicious lyuda

Caustic resolute lyuda

storming swift damned

post action skill status effect damage/chance 75% annointed speed loading hell walker

gattling gattling gun

shock kings call

caustic queens call

fire Rowan’s call

shock unending magnificent

extra rak charge annointed resonant back ham shield

extra rak attack annointed rerouter shield

shock brawler shield

cutpurse commander planetoid artifact,

grave artifact

red queen

All at level 50. PSN APE-160

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spaces my friend to make it easy to read.

i just realize my deadeye is still level 20. lol

Was typing as I was online cooping.

Good tip though.

Thanks. Appreciate it.

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Thanks again.


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Will keep bumping,gotta keep hope alive!

Will ask mod to close once I find one in the

world or one of our awesome members

has found one to trade me. Just a PSA.


Edit* Got mod I wanted. So will ask mod to delete or lock this.