LF Legendary 50 gear

Created a new Jack last week and I’m up to 45 now I think, but I;m going to need some legendary gear f anyone has any extra! ie: 3ddi.3, Class Mods, Weapons!

I can probably hook you up later with some stuff, might not have class mods tho …

I can get you a fair amount of stuff, pretty sure i got a classmod too, add me and ill try to hook you up. Gt Coltzk95

Word thanks! Yeah no class mod is fine, just need some gear and/or oz kit!

I make it rain with the legendaries

Now that’s paying it forward, lol

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Haha i try my best to pay it forward!

all good now @coltonzk95 , I’m a 70 with my Jack :wink:

i have level 50 gear, ill give it to you in exchange for level 50 BL2 legendarys

Oh ■■■■!