LF legendary breaker mod with find your center and melee damage boost

I have a couple brawler shields with rad resist
Couple Zane techspert mods
Bloodletter moze mod
Corrosive stone deathless
Shocking warlord
Phasezerler and elementalist mod
I have some other guns and shields aswell I can look through if you need something but i dont have a lot

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I have 2 Grave artifacts:

one is 100% melee, +20% weapon damage, +15% splash damage
+40% fight for your life duration, +37% fight for your live movement speed.

The other one is same melee stats but different sub stats:
+1487 max health
+40% fight for your life duration.

Thanks for the offer but I’m using the el dragon artifact for the crazy dot damage, I’m just looking for a really good mod now and maybe a better facepuncher

No problem. Good luck with your search!