LF Legendary Fl4k Class mod (bounty hunter or cosmic stalker with skill cooldown)

I’ve been looking for a legendary class mod for Fl4k forever. For some reason, I have 2 siren ones even though I don’t even use the character. Espeically looking for Bounty Hunter or Cosmic Stalker with action skill cooldown. Any help would be great! Thanks.
xbox handle: humangeegnome

Things to trade:
Queen’s call corrosive (annointed siren)
Fl4kker (annointed; action skill end, increased handling)
Fl4kker (annoitned beastmaster)
Overcumbered Optimized Carrier (annointed with action skill end irridation)
Engulfing Shreddifier (annointed with 300% after phaseslam)
Breath of Dying
Abundant recusion (annointed with melee 100% after skill end)
Firesale long musket
Stark Devoted
Unending Magnificent (20% bonus radiation after action skill end)
Insomniac Fragmented Dragon (siren class mod)
Primeval mediative Phazezerker
shredded scourge
and some others…

I have a heap of Flakk mods, I’ll check when I get home from work. Any particular boosts you’d prefer?

Thanks so much!

I 'm looking for action skill cooldown and maybe some damage booster? anything will help at this time. Thanks

No worries, I’ll be on in like 10 hours and I’ll see what will suit you best and send in mail.

Sorry man I got bounty hunter and cosmic stalker ones but none with cool down. Do you want one of those anyway or need the cool down on it?

Hey man, thanks for checking. Someone just sent me one the other day with cool down so I should be good. Were you interested in any items at all?

Nah all good thanks, clearing some bank space was enough lol.

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Hey mate you still looking for those class mods ? I might have a couple need to check. I’m interested in your queens call tho , if you are set with your class mods Are you looking for anything else ?

Hey, still looking for ones with cool down! Please let me know. I think I should have the queens call still. What’s your gamer tag?

My gamertag : mrbs87 I will be on in 2 hours ,

I sent the queen’s call over the mail!

Thanks just saw your mail :+1: awesome I’ll send the cosmic stalker with cooldown through mail ASAP :+1:

Got them. Thanks man!

Send you a message on Xbox :+1: