LF Legendary Gunzerker mod

Want a legendary Gunzerker mod. I have transfered all my characters over and have a lot of legendaries to offer in fact probably to much to list but off the top of my head I have weapons ranging from lvl50 to op8 and also legendary mods for all classes except Sal. If anyone is interested I will of course make a list of things I have for trade

Do you have a legendary mod for the psycho?

Which legendary gunzerker mod are you looking for?

Yes I have a level 71 Sickle mod

Yes I have a level 71 Sickle mod

Great,I have a friend with a legendary Gunzerker mod level 72, once I got it we can trade

Ok that’s great

Are you connected now? I might be able to trade now

Sorry only just read this, if you want to add me and send a message on psn would be easier it’s nibz08