LF legendary nade to apply terror.. Still :(

Been farming like hell and still no luck. Lf. Any legendary nade to apply terro

I have a Spring epicenter ASE apply terror to yourself every 5 seconds for 18 seconds and a cloning Chupas Organ with the same annointment. What do you have to offer?

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Awesome! I have a few things. I have a Cutpurse launch pad with sniper dmg increase, a fearmonger with terror 50 percent cryo, a sleeping giant with ASE 2 mags 50% corrosive, i have a Ripper on ASE 100% melee dmg, and a roided ghost call not anointed.

I really want your chupas organ. I have a anoited Lyuda as well with ASE fire rate increase 11% and reload speed 26%, a Long musket ++ with ASE 2 mags 50% cryo dmg, a molten Infinity ASE weapon status effect dmg and chance 75%

I have more too. Just let me know. Thanks man