LF Legendary Phasezerker - Amara class mod

Anyone that has one of these please let me know, desperate to get a hold of one!

I have a fair few legendaries im willing to exchange for it let me know what your looking for!

PSN - Waimzer


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this one work?

yeah thats the one im after!

UPDATE: still looking to source this classmod as the one above is no longer available,

Anyone with one please let me know,

PSN - Waimzer

yes thats the one, what would you like for it? my psn is waimzer if you can mail me / add me :slight_smile:

Any Zane mods? Looking for infiltrator

god a few mods for other classes, i will check when I can get back online, currently at work can be on in like 6hours :slight_smile:

If anyone is willing to trade this class mod, I’d appreciate it. I have quite a lot of legendary weps , shields and grenades mods to trade. PSN Reapenstein.

I got one, whatcha offering?

What you looking for? I can take a look at what i got when i get back from work in few hours?

I’ve got a couple phasezerker mods and a couple nimbus mods if anyone still needs one

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yes please toxix!

Me too. Would be awesome

I’ll add you guys when I’m on, should be pretty soon



i’ll be on in roughly 3hrs :slight_smile:

No problem, just sent a request to both of you

I’m also later on. Thx!

Hey Toxix, got any of those nimbus mods? Got plenty of stuff to trade

Has any of you guy got a any Phasezerker mods?? I have been farming for a week and still nothing.
I have loads of other characters class mods to trade for it.