LF Legendary Sickle 61+ (PC)

Ive been farming tubby enemys for a long time now and i dont get the sickle mod, if any one is willing to give me one i would be very happy (almost any level would do), i guess i can trade for it too but i dont have that much stuff to give for it.

I might be able to get a level 72 for you. I’ll let you know if one drops.

that would be great :smile:

What’s your upper limit on the level? I’m pretty sure I can get an OP 6+ pretty easily, but a 72 one might take awhile.

Figures. I get two Tubbies using the 4-player setting and I got…an 88% leg. reaper and a cracked sash. You’re welcome to either of them because I don’t need them.

Im 65 right now but what ever you get works, ill get the levels needed to use it and thx for the offer, but at the moment im just looking for the legendary sickle mod since im working on a meele build.

I’ll keep looking then.

Sorry, but I haven’t had much time to do any farming and the Tubbies haven’t exactly been very generous when I was doing runs. I’ll keep looking.

no rush man, thx a lot :smiley:

I could give you a 68, 72 or an OP8 sickle mod if you interested in
Just pm me on steam: meiyouan

Gulfwulf, i already got if from Meiyouan, thx for trying any way :D, and thx again Meiyouan.

No worries. I wasn’t having much luck anyway. I’m glad you finally got one though. If you decide to venture into the OP levels, I’ll keep any I find.