LF Legendary Soldier Com lvl 72 or OP1

I have tons of loot from low level to OP1-8 legendaries and pearls.
Recently while farming some gear to start my axton on the peak I somehow either sold or swap/dropped my leg soldier class mod. I’ve been hunting a new one down for a few weeks with no luck. Can anyone help me out? If so I’d be willing to drop anything else I might have that you’d be interested in. Just ask.

IonIc go to tank1er shop he give mods,guns, and much more and he haves all of axton class mods just ask him

Cool thx I was actually just in there and saw he just hooked you up recently. He said they were all OP8 tho. Guess I will ask anyway. Thanks again

Ionic if you need help on getting to op 8 just ask we got a lot people always helping and if you new welcome

I’ve been around for a minute playing for a year or so, usually play solo. Never even played online coop. I have a siren at OP8 and like 10 mules holding a ton of loot. Axton was my first toon so I’m going to take him thru the peak as soon as I replace my mod. I’m on every day, I would love to jump in some time while you guys are playing.

Add KID_smurf14

Cool will do

Go ahead and add me. PSN soccerfella101 I love running through the peak.

I have a commando and zerker at op8 add me too for some runs. I’ll also look through my mules and see if I can’t find that 72 soldier com you seek. PS3 K-Dog64

Thanks! I added all 3 of you and sent FRs.

See ionic there is always people trying to help out