LF Level 1 Brawler Ward w/ anoint

Looking to trade for a level 1 brawler Ward with anoint. Let me know what you need or maybe I can trade for it with what I have. TIA!

I do have that with anointment, do you have Zane SNTNL stuff? Sent me a message

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I don’t think I do on Zane, but I’ll check. Mostly ASE stuff, Anoint siren. What type of anoint is the shield?

I’m sorry to kinda hijack the thread, but I have always wondered how people farm lvl 1 shields legitimately? It seems impossible.

With a friend who’s level 1 in cooperation mode, his loot is lvl 1

How can you keep him at level 1 during the farm though?

Pray for getting first run or just remake an other character, really boring farm for both T_T

Saw your post about anointed lvl 1 brawler ward. Still holding on to one? I’ve got lots to Trade. Some Zane mods, cryo artifacts etc. Let me know what you’re looking for.

Still holding onto a level 1 element anoint brawler ward? My unicorn! Let me know if you would trade. I’ve got lots of nice stuff!