LF level 1 CMT grenade

Let me know what you need in return and I’ll see if I have it.

I believe the lowest I have is a lvl 13 if you’re interested.

I’ve been looking for a plasma coil mayhem 10 lvl 65 (don’t care about annoint)

Sorry I’m a bit late if your still interested I got a m10 plasma coil cryo ASE to trade

Sure am. I will be on on a few hours. I will verify that cmt

What is your psn?

My psn is stupidfickenpid

Mine is mjar05.

Just send me an add

Ok will do

Do you still have it?

Ya I do I tried to add you but it didn’t let me because of your privacy settings

Ahh ok give me 1 second I will get on now

Ok sounds good

it says 0 players found

That’s strange I see your psn maybe try capital S. It should be Stupidfickenpid

still nothing. send me a msg

It won’t let me it says this

whats your profile pic?

Can you switch your settings for a sec and I’ll send yo u a request

It’s persona 5

I have you should already be able to send one

Is yours god of war ?