Lf level 1 re router

Preferably one with 5% hp regen. Have 100% cryo sntnl redistributors, various 160% moze splash including hive, recursion, x3 kybs, have various 100% ase redistributors, x2 recursions, various 50% ele weapons and shielded, 75% bonus moze shield and health transformer/big boom blaster, cloning maddening tracker 25% grenade throw

Still lookin

Do you have gamma burst Redistributors (preferably Cryo/Rad) and Redistributors with IB anoint ?

i have level 1 with 50 shock ase

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Unfortunately I dont have any gamma burst ones.

I would prefer 1 with 5% hp regen

What do you want for it?

I can give you a Re Router with 5% Regen.
I´d love the 100%Cryo on SNTL Redistributor.

PSNID Nekoelschekrat73