LF Level 50 Bloodletter Class Mod

Looking for Moze Bloodletter class mod. Have several deathless artifacts I’m willing to trade as well as a bank full of legendaries I can look in to find something you might want to trade just let me know.

GT: ShadowGoku X

Hey dude I have blood letter. I’m after anoited one pump, anoited flakker or rad/shock hex grenade

I just got an anointed flakker if you want to trade for the blood letter

What are your stats on the flakker

Damage: 1021×3
Accuracy: 52%
Handling: 58%
Reload Time: 2.1s
Fire Rate: 0.58/s
Magazine Size: 17

+210 Splash Damage Radius
Consumes 5 ammo per shot
2.6× Weapon Zoom
Irradiated enemies damage enemies around them. (1609 DMG/S 8% Chance)
Anointed (On Action Skill End, Weapon Accuracy and Handling are greatly increased for a short time.)