LF level 50 Boost

As the Title says, im trying to get my Zane to 50, sick of Amara :frowning:

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Psn? Can you return the favor?


Yes i can, but not today. Probably on the weekend. Are you playing on EU?

No, US

How long does boost take? Also looking for one.

Let’s find out?

Ok whats the best way, graveward or proving grounds?

I don’t know I was thinking graveyard
Psn: p_da_og

It says cannot send friend request because of your settings.
Mine is: BreaknLimits

Graveward mayhem 3 fast runs about 40min some ypituber said

depends on anointed which spawn and how good the amara/moze or zane (unsure if zane is good) is at surviving as takes like 15 minutes if your good, and 20 min+ if still learning like me

You can one shot graveward on any character with scourge + unforgiven. Re-router helps too. Got someone tho so all good.

issue with graveward for xp offline is you have to keep inviting person and resetting network which is pain for power levelling other people online but offline graveward is fine for local co-op otherwise id say use slaughter shaft.