LF Level 50 gear

Looking for LVL 50:
(Rad) [A Gamma Rad DMG] DP Laser-sploder
(Rad) [A Gamma Rad DMG] Pestilence
(Rad) [A Gamma Rad DMG] Lyuda
(Rad) [A Gamma Rad DMG] Jericho
[A Cooldown] Red Suit
Bounty Hunter [+Weapon DMG]
Atom Balm Otto Idol [+Radiation DMG]

Bloodletter [+Weapon DMG +Assault DMG]

Big Boom Blaster [Capacity]
Cold Warrior [+4 Synchronicity]

And any of the Halloween gear, as I’d like to try some interesting combos :slight_smile:
I know that’s a fair bit, just let me know what you need and I hope I can help, my fellow Vault Hunters, in return.

Mhm. If you happen to have a radiation Damned (with low sight zoom), or a rad/shock Flakker (if that is even possible), I could try to get you the Victory Rush or the Otto Idol if I don’t already have it.

I’m pretty certain that I actually have an anointed Rad Flakker

Then I will see what I can do in regards to the relics, thank you.
Admittedly, I was a bit confused at first what you ment with Ice Breaker, but regardless I think I can find that for you tonight (my timezone is GMT+1 and often can only play at night).

Add me when you get online and we can send the stuff over :slight_smile:

PSN: Nyxroma

My own PSN is TranquilNova. If I find either, or any of the other items on your list it’s yours.

Just got hands on a Ice Breaker Victory Rush, if it turns out you dont have one, I can send it over

Nah, you can keep it. I’m only on the hunt for the aforementioned items for Moze.

Well, I got your Rad Flakker, at least xD

If you are willing to depart from it, I can always keep a lookout on the other stuf. But I can understand if you don’t want to.

You can have it :grin:

:open_mouth: That is very kind of you!

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I can’t send you a friend request due to your settings but add me PSN: Nyxroma, when you get the chance and I’ll send it over, when I get the chance :grin:

Apologies, but allow me do to so quickly.


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I’ll keep an eye out for the gear you have on your wishlist. I really appreciate this.

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That’s a damn good Flakker, wow.

I have a Ghast Call grenade if you don’t have one yet. I’m looking for a Deathless for Moze (gun dmg and/or AR dmg).

Dont got that for Moze and I already got a Ghast Call

I’ve got a shock handsome jackhammer if you have any good cutsmans or crossroads…also looking for a good recurring hex