LF Level 50 Night Hawken

GamerTag: Murderous Jedi
LF Level 50 Night Hawken

I have an anointed fl4k an anointed Zane and an anointed moze and a standard night hawkin. What are you looking for exactly? Any rain firestorm nades or fire reaccuring Hex? I also have an anointed reaccuring cryo hex or a radiation reaccuring hex to trade too. Let me know

Mainly looking for an anointed Zane, but a FL4K would be great as well.
Would also love a Cryo Hex.
Is there anything you would want in return?

Whoops mis-read your post.
I will have to double check my iunventory when I get home and let you know. I believe I have the firestorm grenade you are looking for but will have to check. Will let you know.

No problem. Make sure it’s the rain prefix firestorm nade and we gotta deal. I can give you the zane anointed.

i’ll trade you a firestorm for the fire recurring hex

No I am looking for a fire reaccuring hex. I only have an anointed reaccuring cryo and a radiation reaccuring hex. Sorry about the misinterpretation

Verified it is the rain firestorm made. Let me know your gamer tag and we can trade.

Ok and what are you after yourself so I know to hold on to the item? And pbodyjel is my gamertag will be online in like an hour or so.

Anointed Zane Night Hawken.

Looks like you just hopped on. Will send the firestorm as long as you still have the Hawken.

Yeah but what class do you want a hawkin for?

Operative. Sorry thought I put that in there. My bad.

No worries. Give me like 10 mins to wrap up what I am doing and yeah I can do that.

Sounds good.

Hey man I only have one anoited for Zane. And I can’t trade that he is my main. But I checked and have anointed for moze and fl4k for trade as well as a standard just good hawkin. Still want to do It? No worries if you don’t.

Thought I had an extra, could not find it.

Damn. I will have to pass as I really was looking for the anointed for Zane since it works well with my Cryo build. Thanks for checking though.

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I never have done it but i feel bad. All this time I thought I had an extra.

No worries. If you come across another feel free to reach out.