LF: Level 53 Anointed Weapons and Good Mods/Artifacts/Shields/Grenades. Alphabetical list link in post with all of my tradeable items. I have the new broken heart items as well as many other level 53 items and hundreds of the best level 50 items to trade!

Hello and thank you for considering a trade! I am looking to upgrade my stuff to level 53. I am looking for any good level 53 weapons/accessories that I do not already have that have good stats/rolls. Please see my google doc link below that will show you an alphabetical list of everything that I have to trade. The level 53 stuff will be at the top. I have lots of anointed level 53 items to trade, including the new heart breaker event items, and I have hundreds of the best level 50 items to trade all with great anointments. You can message me here or my psn is xmr_f123 if you would like to friend me to discuss and trade. PSN: xmr_f123

Full List of items available to trade:

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I have updated with a google doc showing everything that I have ever collected and am able to trade :slight_smile:

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Updated with lots of new level 53 items in the document.

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Hello !

I would love that Maggie 250% Cast :heart_eyes:

I have this lvl53 :
Rad Rowans Call ASE 50% Fire dmg
Iron Willed Lucky7 ASE 50% Cryo dmg
Iron Willed Lucky7 ASE 15% Lifesteal
Shock Redistributor Siren ASE 75% Rad dmg (quest reward)
Corro Bitch ASE 100% dmg
Polyamorous ASE 50% Corro dmg
Vicious Ogre ASE 50% Shock dmg
Cash Infused Brainstormer 1% dmg stackable on successives hits

Tell me if one is good for you ^^

Thanks !

I would take the 75% damage redistributor if it is a normal redistributor. Add me on psn: xmr_f123

What is “normal” for you ?? :sweat_smile:

hi i saw you had a few Wedding Invitations and i was wondering what you were looking for in exchange for one of them i was looking at either Rakk Atk or ASE

Got SNTNL cutsmans in fire, and shock, and a SNTNL carrier, all lvl 53. interested in your SNTNL Maggie, SNTNL cryo Redistributor, and SNTNL cryo Lucian’s Call. PSN: TheNimbusKid

Ive got both of those wedding invitations if ya still need them

already traded for one but thanks

Back ham fire damage and hunter seeker cloning corrosive damage what you want for them?

I have this to trade for the Maggie 250% Cast, maybe…

Anoinment is On Kill +5% dmg and reload speed stackable for 25 sec