LF LEvel 53 Brawler Ward, Face Puncher, Knife Drain White Elephant

Trying to up my current build to 53. Need Anointed Siren Brawler Ward with 300% melee damage when shields are down plus 200% melee damage after phase slam, Anointed Siren Deep Dive Face Puncher with 300% weapon damage increase after phase slam, and a Knife Drain White Elephant. Been farming for all three and I have a collection of 53 level gear building up. If you have any of these items and want to trade, message me in here and maybe I have something you are looking for. Thanks!

Just FYI, you need only new Face Puncher to keep the damage output. If you already have Brawler Ward with that bonus, lower lvl = better. Boost in stats on artifacts is low, so you can still use the previous with probably better perks.

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Good to know. Makes sense. I saw A LOT of Face Punchers last night while farming. Actually got a Redundant one with those stats, but the zoom is more than I would like and I like the Deep Dive better. Seems like that may be the easiest to get. Thanks for the info.

Have you managed to come across the Redundant Face Puncher with Phase Slam Anointment??? I’ve been farming for a week straight.

Yes I have that one at 53, but I’m trying to get the deep dive one too. Really like that one for mobs due to less reloading.

Think copying weapons is a little above and beyond Gearboxes intentions for the game. However, I did point someone in your direction that has one. They contacted me the other day on here, but it ended up being another redundant version instead of the deep dive one. So I let them know you were looking.

I have a lvl 1 Brawler Ward (300 roid) w/ 200% melee PhaseSlam, a lvl 53 x14 Facepuncher w/ 300% melee PhaseSlam, and a White Elephant w/ melee damage, mag size, and one other thing.

I’m looking for (all lvl 53) a non-elemental Shredifier w/ 125% fire next two mags and Splash master moze items.

I can see if I have that shredifier. Have to look when I get home from work. Is that white elephant at 53?

No sorry it is not.

We’ll if I have it anyways I’ll send it your way.

Might trade for that shield if I do have what you are looking for.

I’ve got a Knife Drain White Elephant if you’re still looking for one.

My list of wants is Here

I’m out of town on business until Thursday. But I can look through my vault once I get back. What are the stats on the knife drain?

Move speed, incendiary resist, Cryo efficiency.