LF: Level 53 Gamma Burst Gear, Tons of gear to trade!

Im looking for:

  • Bekah
  • Carrier
  • Atom Balm Otto Idol w/ Good Rolls
  • Cutsman (Fire and Shock)

Let me know what your looking for!

I’ve got a Bekah and maybe a Fire cutsman in Gamma.

Looking for LV 53 gear for all character classes.

Kyb’s Worth X3
Infinity Pistols
ION cannons X2
Class Mods with good rolls for Weapon Damage
Artifacts with good rolls

Infinity (Non Elemental) w/ SNTNL Fire Rate and Reload Speed
Vicious Infinity (Non Elemental) w/ 100% Melee

I also have a few decent Class Mods for FL4K.

Bifurcated Friend-Bot

  • 29% Splash DMG
  • 21% Weapon Reload Speed
  • 48% Jakobs Crit DMG

Rabid Bounty Hunter

  • 48% Dahl Crit DMG
  • 33% SMG DMG
  • 24% COV Weapon Fire Rate

Showboating Red Fang

  • 21% Radiation Resist
  • 33% SMG DMG
  • 48% Jakobs Crit


Snowdrift Commander Planetoid

  • 18% Radiation DMG
  • 2157 Max Shield
  • 1926 Max Health

Elemental Projector Otto Idol

  • 15% Weapon Reload
  • 2157 Max Shield
  • 36% AOE DMG

I’m good on those you can add me and I’ll just mail them.

You may have added me already just shoot me a message on PSN and I’ll mail them after a bit.

PSN jorgeammo

Ok sounds good man much appreciated!!

I just added you. D13S3Lx666