LF Level 53 SNTNL-CRYO Anointed Weapons

I am looking for The following Items with the +100% bonus damage as cryo while sntnl is active

Cutsman (corrosive)
Hyperfocus xz41 any element or non-elemental
Any scourges.
Hive (Corrosive)
Good JuJu (Any)

Items I have to trade with STNL Cryo Anoint

Potent Moonfire
Undending Magnificent (non elemental)
Unending Magnificent (Shock/Corrosive)
Compressing Thunderball Fists (Shock)
Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin
Undermining Crossroad (Rad)
Binary Stark Cutsman (Fire)
Expanding Destructo Spinner (Fire/Corrosive)
Standardized Carrier
Rebel Yell
Wedding Invitation
Shock Woodblocker
Reciprocating Try-Bolt
Disciplined Star Helix
Compressing Kill-O-The-Wisp
Speedloadin Hellwalker
The Flood

Plus 130% Damage after Switching Places With Clone
DP Gratifying Laser Sploder Shock
Overencumberd Standardized Carrier
Radiation Scourge
Shredded Scourge (Non Elemental)
Stuffed Tungska
Oozing Shredded Tiggs’ Boom Corrosive
Hazardous Thunderball Fists
Gatlin’ Lead Sprinkler
Wedding Invitation
Iron-Willed Monocle
Dastardly Maggie

Universal Anoints
Binary Escalating Corrosive Cutsman ASE +125 splash damage (I believe only the edge of the bullets do splash damage)
Binary Mocking Shock Cutsman ASE Next 2 mags deal 50% bonus incendiary
Binary Unescapable Fire Cutsman Next 2 mags deal 50% bonus Cryo
Binary Mocking Corrosive Cutsman Next 2 mags deal 50% bonus Radiation
Standardized Carrier Next 2 Mags 50% bonus Cryo
Gratifying Juliet’s Dazzle Next 2 mags 50% bonus Cryo
Cash Infused Brainstormer ASE Deal 125% more weapon damage to badass, named, and boss enemies for short time
Cash Infused Brainstormer ASE Weapon damage increased by 100%
Deluxe Radiation Everblast XL 219x10 damage…Homes and Mirvs On ASE Splash Damage increased by 125%
Abundant Shock/Corrosive Projectile Recursion ASE next two mags wll have bonus incendiary damage
Hazardous Kill-O-The-Wisp ASE + 125% splash damage
Hazardous Kill-O-The-Wisp ASE 50% bonus shock damage
The Lob (Cryo) ASE Next 2 mags 50% bonus Cryo
The Lob Cryo while sliding damage increased by 40%
The Lob Corrosive On ASE next 2 mags will have 50% additional radiation damage
Speedloadin Hellwalker. On ASE deal 125% damge to Badass, named, and boss enemies
Casual Flakker…On Ase Damage increased by 100%
Corrosive Hive. ASE deal 125% more to badass, named, and boss enemies.

Yo I’ll swap you for a that night hawkin it has the cyro anoitment right of got a non elemental hyperfocus with the cyro anoitment

My gt mandemlethal just add me to your game if your on

I have the corrosive cutsman too and shock 1 but it’s level 50 but still wrecks

Are your items 53? If so I’ll trade redistributors in all elements for the bekah, Krakatoa, star helix and hallwalker (sntnl100 annoint ones)

@stray1. Do you have a rad redist with sntnl 100 and 21% crit damage?

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Yes, yes they are. Gamertag is the same as my username.

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I got a spare shock Cutsman for ya.

I’d like to get that Hellshock as Gigamind only seems to want to drop it for me if it has any anoint other than the SNTNL Cryo one lol

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I’m about to go to bed but I’ll check tomorrow, not sure about the crit.

Easy done, I’m about to sleep so I’ll send tomorrow if that’s cool. My GT is Stray2615

I have it with 10% and sntnl 100. I’d really love it with 21! Thanks!

All items have been sent out, so check your mail.

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Thanks a bunch! Just sent the Cutsman.

Thanks just melted through Wotan with it …lol I just realized after saying that I was playing on Mayhem 3 and not 4 like I usually am. Whooops, changed to Mayhem 3 earlier today to do some farming to level up a Zane since MS is being a bitch and won’t let me sign into the other Gamertag cause i don’t know the password. …strangely though, I got a stnl/cryo Kyb’s Worth out of it.

I like having 2 zane’s at max level, got this one up to level 39 before I got tired of killing GW.

No problem! Yeah it should still melt Wotan on M4, even through it’s armor thanks to the Cryo damage.

I’m eager to try out that Hellshock against the Takedown bosses as I’m looking for fun alternatives to use and the Hellshock is now pretty good in terms of damage, it just eats through ammo quickly.

Yeah, i used it against Wotan and The Valkyries before and I barely had any ammo after both fights. Wotan I was down to around 14 i think. Got the kill though!

At least it’s doing great against Graveward! It’s getting the kill just a bit slower than my Wedding Invitation, but easier to do.

I’d like to have that rad Riggs boom. If you still need I have SNTNL cryo redibs - all, cuts - all, rad hive

Items sent, got mine too thanks. CB mine is only 10% as well, sorry.

I still have it…You can have it. I’ll take the Hive. Stray1 just gave me all the Redibs.

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