Lf level 53 Tediore homing mirv shotguns with splash ase

Want to update my moze chuck nasty build and am tired of vending machine farming don’t have much yet,but here’s my list.

Itchy Shredded Craps rad w/5% wd on kills
Melty Whizzy Pestilence rad w/125% wd to BA,Boss,Named
Packin Devastator w/ase 125% splash
Dastardly Maggie 6x681w/5% WD on kills
Companion fire w/ase 125% WD to BA,Boss,Named

Searing Vanquisher fire w/ase125% WD to BA,Boss,Named & Gamma burst
Cash infused Redistributor shock w/consecutive increased by 1% 49 mag
Eviscerating mocking kybs worth shock/fire w/after exiting IB 160% splash
Undermining hyperfocus rad w/ase 100% WD
Binary escalating cutsman corr w/15% life steal
Binary Mocking Cutsman corr w/Gamma burst
Superfluous westerngun sh/corr w/ase 125% WD to BA,Boss,Named
Lucians call cryo w/2 mags incendiary
Burning nasty alchemist fire w/ase 100% WD
Burning promiscuous alchemist fire w/ase 125% splash
QuickDraw bekah w/ase 25 crit increase
Quickdraw Bekah w/ase 125% WD to BA,Boss,Named
Engulfing Vicious ogre w/2 mags incendiary
Rowans call Shock w/ase 25%increased crit damage
Rowans call rad w/Gamma burst

Abundant compressing trevanator corr/fire w/ 2 mags cryo
Deep dive face puncher w/ sntnl 100% cryo
Redundant face puncher w/IB cooldown
Conference call w/ase 100% wd & Gamma burst
Speedloadn’ Hellwalker fire w/ase 100%WD
Flakker With sntnl 100% cryo
Casual flakker w/ase life steal
Redundant brainstormer w/ase 100% WD
D.p. bangstick fire 307x18

oozing scourge corr w/sntnl 100% cryo
Hive corrosive w/125% WD to BA,Boss,Named

Wedding invitation fire w/2 mags incendiary
Dastardly headsplosion w/ase 25% crit damage

Transformers with ase fire,shock,corrosive,cryo
Transformer with sntnl speed
Transformer with movement speed after attack command
Transformer with ase reduced damage 13%
Big boom blaster with ase health regen
Razor wire red suit w/ase action skill cooldown
Recurring Hex shock w/ase incendiary
Moxy’s bouncing pair fire w/ase 25% damage inc.
Epicenter fire w/ase 25%damage inc.
Force cluster-f*ck exploder shock w/ase corrosive

Bounty Hunter 48 dahl crit/11%Dahl weapon/33% SMG
Bloodletter 19% weapon crit/26%WD/33%shotgun damage
St4ckbot 48%Jacob’s weapon crit/33%AR damage/11%Jacob’s damage
Infiltrator 33%sniper damage/48% Jacob’s weapon crit/53% Jacob’s accuracy

Icebreaker Otto Idol 18%AR/33%shield recharge/44% mag
Rear Ender Victory Rush 18%AR/44% mag/18%radiation
Snowdrift Otto Idol 44% mag/31% cryo resistance/23%AS cool down.
Last stand loaded dice 18%SMG/23%ASC/15% weapon reload speed.
Electric banjo 18% shock damage 29% chance
Atom balm safeguard 44%mag/23%asc/18%radiation

Post here or PM if you’re interested in a trade
Tediore’s must be homing mirv, also open to trading for any fire hose moze stuff or anything good thanks.