LF Level 57-60 Frozenshoe shield

Only looking for ones with on ASE shields special occur

I have one lv 57. Any Chandelier?

No chandelier but I can definitely farm one for you?

If that works for you I would really appreciate it

My PSN is bloodrain4
What kind of Chandelier would you like?

good for me , my psn is RHAAAALoovely
Any good anoint goes for me as I have all 4 Vh

Ah my mistake I think I have frozen heart is that ok for you?

No man. I’m sorry. I need the snowshoe for flak build

np sorry for the mistake

It’s good

I have a frozen snowshoe action skill start activate shield break or fill

What do you want for it?

Because I could really use this. If I don’t have something you want I can farm for something you want also?

I’m looking for any seeing dead with action skill damage, beacons with 2x and primary shock with 20 mag size. And collecting any with anointment cryo sntl, and swap with digi clone 130 damage increase.

What’s your psn? I’ll mail the snowshoe to you.

Are you named after Bloodrayne the game?

No. I just kinda like the name lol