LF Level 57 - 60 Spiritual Driver

Any combo of smg/pistol/ar dmg + weapon dmg + any splash/health reg./action skill would be great. Even close would be good.
PM if interested. Have some decent items to trade.
A few nice splash dmg and 130 rad BB’s for Moze.
Fire Harold w/sntl 100 - Shock Lightshow 50/150. Lots more.
PSN: Bigrfish25

Hey, I can send a couple of sweet 60 SD’s over, if you have a 300% slam
Fire Harold x3 that would be cool, but if not the Harold Sntl 100% is nice.

PSN dogstar13

I only have the fire harold sntl cryo at the moment. If that works for ya I’d be happy to send it for a Driver.
PSN: Bigrfish25

Big Thx for helping me out man. Appreciated. Will hunt for that 300 slam Harold.

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