LF Level 57 Snowdrift

Looking for a Level 57 Snowdrift (can be epic, or legendary as long as it is NOT DEATHLESS, any other combo doesn’t matter) with AOE/SMG Damage and Mag Size. The third stat doesn’t mater.

Thank you!

I’ll send you some good ones in a few hours, perhaps you have fun with it good luck

Thank you!

Looking for anything in particular?

Godroll cosmic stalker for flak :rofl:
I’m happy to help, it’s the only joy I get out of borderlands atm :slightly_smiling_face: :thinking:
I’ll send them in an hour

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Just got 'em. You are amazing, good sir!

These snowdrift are amazing: )

And how!

Yeah but not perfect would love to have one with movement speed instead of aoe dmg