Lf level 60 deathless

As the title says I’m looking for a deathless with mag size and maybe a weapon damage would be great.

Got lots to trade so just ask thanks

I have a few deathless, I should have one with mag size.

Do you have consecutive hits monarch or plaguebearer or an ASE elemental Corrosive recursion?

I have a non elemental monarch under 50 health 150 radiation

How about Siren mods? Any spiritual drivers or phasezerkers

Hey Ray, just picked up a Phasezerker with 12% Torgue Weapon Damage, 37% Assault Rifle Damage, and 37% Shotgun Damage.

I have a list up now,maybe something on there looks good? :slight_smile:

What do you want for it? I have the backburner corrosive with splash and many other items.

Any Consecutive Hits or sntl cryo stuff? Mainly m6+ drops or dlc2 or dlc3 weapons.

Yea I can send 2-3 guns. Usually grab those for my buddy too so I have to have some. I also have a digiclone Shock backburner.