LF: level 60 gear TPS

I am level 58 and still have level 50 gear that i need to upgrade. If you have any you don’t need or are willing to trade I can offer op 8 or level 72, 61, and 50 gear on Borderlands 2 and level 50 gear on Tps.

Thanks for your time and my Psn is: bcarr2000

Anyone have some that their willing to trade?

I have a lot of lvl 61 gear i can give to u if you level me on borderlands 2

How many levels? And btw I’m looking for tps gear

Level 60 and I know I have tps gear PSN: tidus23962

you want to get to 72?

I want to get to 60 I’m only on 23

60 on which game?

Borderlands 2

Still looking for more 60 guns oz kits shields and grenades.