LF Level 60 m10 Dakota with 1%CH Anoint

As the title says, looking for a level 60 m10 dakota with 1%ch anoint. Just burned through my second playthrough of the DLC, and messed up trying to farm one. Really don’t want to reset my progress and shoot for it again. Let me know what you are looking for, and I am sure we can work something out.

Thank you, as always!

I got you. Check out The Anointed Armory for my want list. Primarily LF Monarchs (x8) and a Beacon (Fire/Corro) ASE 100.

Thank you! It does not appear I have anything on your want list. Closest I have is a 53 St4ckbot with +4 in hunters eye with AR Damage, Dahl Fire Rate, and Dahl Crit

Would you happen to have a Fire/Corro/Shock/Rad/Cryo Stone White Elephant artifact with any of the following perks: melee dmg, AOE dmg, elemental dmg, action skill cooldown?

I do have a lv 57 Shock Stone White Elephant, but had a bunch of others too. All of then except for a crappy snowdrift white elephant are below:

lv 60 Flesh Melter with Rad Damage, Melt Change, and Corrosive Damage

lv 57 Berzerker White Elephant with Cryo Damage, Rad Damage, and AOE

LV 57 Cutpurse White Elephant with Incendiary Damage, Reload Speed, and AOE

lv 57 Mind Melt White Elephant with Reload Speed, FFYL Movement Speed, and AOE

Lv 57 Rear Ender White Elephant with Corrosive Damage, Incendiary Damage, and Shock Damage

Lv 57 Shock Stone White Elephant with Sniper Damage, Cryo Damage, and AOE

Hey, have you got any ASE elemental wedding invitations/well anointed X2 beacons, clairvoyance mashers, 4+ iron bank sappers, consecutive hits light shows in shock/incendiary, or x16+ robins calls?

If not nbd, I’ll still send the consecutive hits Dakota. PSN is Lukman4068 - just leave a note so I know who it is

If you can’t hook up with Lukman, then just send FR and I’ll mail it to you. If you do happen to run across any of the stuff I’m LF, just hit me up!

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@awongus @Husm4n

Thank you for the offers!! My build has shifted a bit, and no longer need the gear in question (and unfortunately do not have any of the requested gear in trade). I will definitely keep an eye out of the goods though!