Lf level 60 mayhem 10 monarchs and wedding invitation

As the title says I’m looking to replace my old monarchs,pref consecutive hits.
Level 60 wedding invitation 100ase or better annoitment,mayhem 10 only please.

I have a bunch of weapons mainly from dlc 3 so just ask I might have what you want.
I also have some level 60 artifacts and flak class mods,only pick up useful stuff

Psssst…You gotta try the Soulrender again.

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Is it even better than before?

Played with it last night TVHM M10, run of the mill Moze 20% (25?) crit damage Anointment, around Xylourgos and it seemed to perform like before probly better with the weird splash stuff going on now. Haven’t taken it out to the desert yet though.

Gonna keep farming the Brute Twins for some sweet 'Noits tonight.

Oh nice sounds like it might of got a buff, I’ll have to grab one and try it out

I double-checked the notes last night and when I saw ‘Dahl assault rifles’ and buff in the same section I ran to the twins, I missed that gun.

Pew Pew Pew

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I have access to lvl 60 M10 wedding invitations. I can hop on after work tomorrow and see what I can farm up for you anoint wise. Cloud save farming is a PITA, lol.

Been looking for an x2 ogre with next 2 mags.

Lol thanks buddy I already redeemed my event rewards. I haven’t got one as of yet but I will try and get one today :slight_smile:

Edit: anything else you’re looking for if I cant find a orge? I’ll probably get one eventually it’s just a pain to farm

Check your mail.

Heh, with all the recent buffs, I’m not even sure what’s what anymore. Wouldn’t mind a Rocketeer with 5 in Torgue cross promotion or one with good splash damage passives. Or any good flippers, light shows, or boom sickles with ase next two mags. Edit: while auto bear active anoints would actually be better.

No worries if you don’t have any of that. Enjoy the wedding invitation. It still does decent work.

Thank you very much, I’ll check to see what I have for you shortly

I dont have any of those but if you check my trade page, I wouldn’t mind sending anything off of there for you :blush: one thing I do have is a level 60 cmt 25 on grenade throw

Hmmm. I’d be interested in either of the following.

x2 non elemental dowsing rod 100ase
nukem. Exit iron bear 160%, splash damage.

The CMT is tempting, but I just snagged a bouncy maddening tracker with ASE rad, hits for nearly as many times as the cmt does, but thank you.

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No worries buddy. I’ll send you that nukem shortly :slight_smile: edit what’s your gamertag?

GT: Renfried Beans

Thank you :smiley:

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Sent the nukem and cmt as I’ve got spares :slight_smile:

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Sweet, I appreciate it.

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Do you have a mh10 60 kaoson with 50/150 I have a x8 monarch with cons hit I’d trade for it

I dont as of yet but currently farm cap traunt to try and some decent kaosons

I might have that rocketeer you looking for I’ll send a picture later on

That would be fantastic. Anything you’re looking for? I don’t have much in m10 just yet, but I have a few good ones.