Lf level 60 old gods!

Lf level 60 old gods! Got a few items to trade including consecutive hits monarchs, flippers, and a few sntnl cryo redistributors, and more

any specific anoints, bonuses and/or elements? was gonna farm some today. maybe ill find something you want or need.

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Yea man looking for fire or shock ones specifically w rad or cryo ase anointments

I got a fire OG with ASE 5% movement. Will that work?

Sorry man sort of need elemental ase or sntnl movement speed

i have a cryo with fire ASE. interested? only ASE one ive gotten so far.

Yea for sure I will be. What are you after?

do you have any deathless artifacts with damage buff effects or weapons with 50/150 anoint? if not can i get that consecutive hits flipper?

Only deathless I have are lvl 57 snowdrift deathless. Not sure on the 150/50 weapons. I know I got a couple. I’ll check when i get home. What element flipper you want tho? Add me on psn and I’ll check what I have and send it when I’m home. Psn kirkvisa

can you see if any of the snowdrift deathless have damage bonus effects? if not ill go for the flipper. as long as the flipper has fire it should be good, its for a friend. if possible fire and cryo/corrosive just to be safe.
sending request. my psn is demonofsparta

Sweet as. I know I have a fire flipper. I wont be on for about 3 hours tho but will send then if that’s alright

that works. ill probably be asleep around then but when im next on ill send the old god.

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sent the old god. i get anymore ASE ones ill let ya know.

Cool, thanks! Hope you can use the items I sent you

i definitely will. thank you.

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Yoo, you have offered me a fire monarch x4 1CH through psn, I did ask you what you looking for. So buddy, you pulling my leg or what. It has been few days and you yet to reply. Trading is business in GB forum. Are you sure you want to do it to your fellow trader. Be fair buddy.
PSN kenet888

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Hey man. Honestly never got a reply from you in ps messages so i thought you didn’t want to trade. I’m sorry about that, some reason never recieved that message. I’m interested in your mitosis hunter seeker w rad ase on it if that’s alright. I’ll send the monarch in the morning so roughly 8 hours if that suits you.

No problem buddy. Will send seeker shortly.

NVM just received from a friend. Maybe next time. :grin: