LF Level 61 Snipers

I’m looking for a set of Level 61, purple-rarity Sniders (Maliwan-barrel, not Dahl barrel) for my sniper Zero. I’m looking for specific parts on some of them.
Maliwan or Jakobs grip, “barking” prefix or Maliwan-grip “Banbury” prefix.
same as above
non-Hyperion grip
Any prefix other than “Sublime” (No melee attachment!)
Maliwan grip
“Barking” or “Banbury” prefix

I am also looking for purple-rarity Rakehells (Maliwan Snipers with Vladof barrel) with certain parts (As before, L61).
Maliwan or Jakobs grip, “Barking” or “Banbury” prefix
Maliwan grip, “Barking” or “Banbury” prefix

Finally I would also trade for a purple Jakobs-grip Skookum Muckamuck, L61.

In return for any one of the above I will trade 2 items. I have a huge collection of Level 61 stuff available, but I do not have UVHM pack 2. Please let me know what you are looking for and I will check if I have it.

Bump + updated OP.