LF Level 65 frozen heart

Has to have a.s.s trigger break or fill annoint

Also looking for level 65 m10 monarchs x4 with CH annoint as well as life steal annoint all elements

It would be a huge help. Thank you

I see that I saw you also needed a Frozen Heart. Why is everyone in need of this so suddenly? I’ll just respond here though. I am not really sure what passives I am looking for. I am in need of it though, on Red Fang level 65.

I have I think 2 class mods. I can send you both of them since I don’t use them

I’ll send you those when you get on

Are you both still in need of the frozen heart? I’ve got some to spare. And everybody wants it because it is super funny to Play with and also very good for surviving .

hello, I’ve been farming aurelia many many times but don’t manage to get a frozen heart with this anointment

could you trade me one ?

thank you in advance

Yes. I still need one. Is there anything you want for it? I do not have much but I can try lol

Hehe Yeah np i need your PSN’s :nerd_face:

I’m looking for ironbear 160 splash weapons, mostly for Plaquebearer&backburner, but don’t mind if you don’t have one ^^

I don’t have anything. Sorry man, I am gonna be farming some plaugebearers soon, if I get any good ones I’ll send them over. Thank you

PSN: bloodrain4

I’m getting on now

Np, I would sell them instead. And you don’t need to farm Plaquebearer just for me but I recommend to get yourself some :grin:
FR sent

I accepted. You can send it over whenever. And it’s okay, if I find anything good I’ll send it over. Thank you for the help